Sunday, 14 April 2013

I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World

Hi guys, hope you are all well. Got a lot of goodies recently which I thought I would share with you. Starting with the new Barbie collection at Miss Selfridges. Now Miss Selfridges has always done a Barbie range for the last few years now and as a big Barbie fan I always check it out. I'm not talking your modern day Barbie, who is clearly now a big skank. I'm talking Barbie from 50s through to the early 90s.

Barbie leggings - Miss Selfridges

Now I'm so pleased with these leggings because I missed the ones from the collection last year and was really disappointed. These ones have Barbie and Ken all over them wearing prom attire.

Barbie leggings - Miss Selfridges

Now of course I just couldn't choose between the 2 pairs, so I just had to have them both. These ones are Barbie on her own but more of a pop art feel to them.

Barbie tee - Miss Selfridges

This is the last Barbie item I got. Super cute. I shall warn you though that this is quite sheer and also runs big, I have a 10 but could probably get away with an 8, so bear this in mind when buying. I like things bigger so its fine.

Blue kitty jumper - Miss Selfridges

I saw this jumper ages ago and decided against buying it, but seen as I was getting the Barbie stuff anyway I thought why not. Pastels and kitty with a bow tie! Purrrrfect!

Everlast pastel hi-tops - Sports Direct

I loooove these! They are just everything I could ever want in a sneaker and the colours are perfect. 2 sets of laces though, anyone got any idea how to tie them? lol

Disney Princess Lip Smackers - Claire's

Oh my gosh! I love these. Disney princess and cruelty free lip balms. How get things get any better?
Rapunzel - Magical Glow Berry
Aurora - Spun Sugar Shine
Belle - Tea Party Treats
Tiana - Fresh Kiwi Pie (yum!)
Ariel - Calypso Berry
Cinderella - Vanilla Sparkle
Jasmine - Berry Magic
Snow White - Cherry Kiss

Minnie & Daisy Lip Smackers - Claire's

This is how it could get better! 2 of my favourite gals (of sorts) in a pack of lip balms. Love it!
Cotton Candy Crush
Grape Shimmy Shake
Vanilla Twirl
Very Bow Berry
Berry BFF
Watermelon Whirl
Cutie pie

Jonathan Aston lace shorts - Motel Rocks

I have been looking for lace shorts for a wee while, obviously they are completely sheer. You couldn't wear them on their own but they're really for wearing under things.

Dungaree shorts - Primark

I saw these in the window and just had to have them. I used to live in dungaree shorts when I was wee and thought those days were behind me, but lo and behold I was wrong.

Grey knee highs, lilac knee highs and lilac slouch socks - Primark

Pretty self explanatory. Bought these because its really hard to find knee highs that stop just under the knees and not over. I find the over ones dig into my thighs (probably because they're too big, my thighs not the socks) and I included a close up of the lilac socks as they have some blue and pink in there as well.

London shopper - Primark

This is such a cute shopper and a perfect size, I think I'll take it on my trip to London this summer. Don't you think its very like Cath Kidston? Of course at a fraction of the price.

London purse - Primark

Bought this to match the shopper. I must have matching purses and bags, I feel all backwards if I don't. Weird I know.

Pastel roses backpack - Claire's

I almost missed this whilst in Claire's looking for something else. It was on the highest hook possible and I had to do an awful lot of jumping up and down to get it off the hook. I love it. Good for holidays when I need a hands free bag.

Polka dot and leopard bows - Claire's

Saw these whilst at the till and had to have the polka dot ones, perfect for my Minnie outfit for Disneyland which I shall share with you another time. The girl then said they were 3 for 2 so picked the leopard one.

Yellow glitter heart ring - Claire's

Another impulse buy but I love a cute statement ring.

Phew! That's it for now. I told you I have a serious problem, I just can't stop buying. My name is Robyn and I'm a shopping addict. lol

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Hi guys, look at me posting twice in the one week! ha ha. Hope you are all having a good week so far. Another 4 day week for me this week, I had yesterday off for working Monday which was quite good. Still feels like the longest week though. Typical. I won't want to go back to a 5 day week after 2 weeks of this.

Anyway, was totally stuck for a mani the other day when I spotted a lovely pink polish and thought since it was Wednesday I should do pink nails. So I went for roses for a lovely springtime look.

No Flash


Here is what I used:

No7 So Smooth Base Coat*
OPI If You Moust You Moust*
Konad Special White(?)
Max Factor Extra Glitter*
Seche Vite

So I wasn't sure at first but it's really grown on me, which is the case with most of my mani's. I think the glitter really brought it together, which is quite hard to see in the pictures so you'll just have to trust me.

edit - I have entered this into the amateur nail art contest for April over at The Crumpet, which is the first contest I have ever entered.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bunny Hop Hop! Bunny Hop Hop Hoppin'!

Hey guys, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I for one ate far too much but no eggs, if you will believe. I think because it took me that long to do my nails. The design I ended up with was my third attempt because everything else I tried just wasn't working.


No Flash

So I know they're not the most Easter eggy (not a word) nails in the world but I was demented trying to think of something to do, plus they've grown on me now.

Here's what I used:

No7 So Smooth Base Coat*
Models Own Peach Sherbet
OPI Rumple's Wiggin'*
Revlon Sunshine Sparkle*
Technic Vintage
OPI What's With the Cattitude?*
Konad Special White
Seche Vite

That is the order from thumb to pinkie and I don't know about you but I find pastels harder to clean than dark polishes.  I think this may be my first skittle also, well for years anyway.

A wee Easter treat:

This is just the best parade ever! I can't think of Easter without thinking of this, such a catchy song. Hopefully it'll be on next year after the 30th anniversary celebrations.