Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Hey guys, hope you are all keeping well.

Sorry it's been a while since I posted last but I totally lost motivation for a while. I think it's partly because I'm so tired from work these days but also seeing all your fabulous blogs and feeling like mine just pales in comparison. Obviously I am just an amateur and part of me likes that feel of a blog (you know that it's just one person doing it and not a multimedia empire) but I just get so depressed at my crappy pictures. I think what's the point in sharing things when the pictures are just rubbish. I even went and bought a big swanky camera but I just don't have the time, energy or patience to work out how to use it properly. I'm just totally feeling sorry for myself as I have one of those really annoying summer colds and just feel yuk just now so I'm allowing myself a little moan.

Anyway, I decided to do some nails for Independence Day. Happy July 4th to any of my American friends, hope you are having a good holiday so far.

Picture is a bit blurry but wanted to catch the glitter.

Here is what I used:

No 7 So Smooth Base Coat*
No7 Stay Perfect in Sing The Blues*
China Glaze in Ruby Deer
Konad White (?)
Seche Vite
Loose glitters from Hobbycraft
Plate QA3 & QA17

I really like how this turned out, simple but effective all the same. I also wanted to try out the new glitters I got from Hobbycraft. I always think glittery nail polishes just aren't bling enough so finally got round to getting some loose glitters from Hobbycraft. I love them so much, they are so easy to use and I actually think I was quicker than I usually am doing my nails (I thought I would have been longer because of the drying time). Everyone has been super nice about this design, a couple of the girls at work thought I'd had them professionally done! What a compliment!

Hope you all have a nice weekend. We are having a Hawaiian weekend at work so I'm off to look for my grass skirt. ha ha.