Monday, 10 June 2013

We Are Sailing...OOTD

Hey guys, hope everyone had a nice weekend. The weather wasn't as nice today but then I was back at work also, which majorly sucks as I had such a great week off. You know that feeling right?

Anyway, I went on the ferry to Dunoon on Friday which was so nice. I thought it might have been kind of chilly out on the actual river but it wasn't, was really nice.

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - Radley
Bag and Jewllery - Disneyland Paris

I loooove these sandals. They so aren't going to last though, they started wearing away as soon as I started wearing them. If anyone sees anything similar but cheaper than Radley prices please let me know.

Any Bon Jovi fans will know why I took this.

So I absolutely love this dress. The only thing is I forgot it had a whole in the back so I forgot to spray suntan lotion there and now have a big circle of suntan on my back. Doh.

These last pictures are from Saturday. I walked 14 miles! Ow! It was a path that goes up over the hills and lochs and it was so nice. As per Friday I forgot to spray the backs of my arms with suntan lotion and now I'm all burnt. Ouch! No ootd because I was just wearing a pair of casual cut off joggers and a tshirt from Seaworld plus I got slobbered all over by a mucky puppy. lol

Friday, 7 June 2013

Let's Take the Scenic Route...

Hey everyone!

On Wednesday I decided to go to the Highland Wildlife Park which is away up north near Aviemore. It was another lovely day and we got to see most of the animals.

The monkeys were my favourite. I was even shouting at them in Japanese to see if they understood me! ha ha!

Can you believe snow on the hills when it is June and hot outside.

The polar bear kept putting this bucket on its head.

Loved this bench.

Aww! Totally pegged out.

Aww! Cute!

Oops! Bit many pictures. We had a good day though until someone (me) decided to take the scenic route, which was probably a bad idea considering it takes 3 hours when going the fast way. So nearly 5 hours later and we finally got home, although it took another 15 minutes to get out the car as I was totally wedged in the seat. ha ha.

Hope you have all had a good week so far.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mini Haul + OOTD

Hi everyone, it was another glorious day here. I'm making the most of this weather as goodness knows how long it will last. Have you been having nice weather where you are?

Anyway, just some pictures from my shopping trip yesterday which I thought I would share with you. I haven't been shopping for ages and I really enjoyed myself.

I couldn't decide which colour to pick so I got all 3. Well they were reduced right? All from H&M.
Bad picture but these are harem pants and they are so, so comfy. Also from H&M.
 Just wee cheap trainer socks. H&M again.
 This was an impulse buy which I saw on a model. I love dungarees and dungaree dresses even more. From Miss Selfridge.

Just a wee casual outfit from today:

Tshirt - ABC Mart in Anaheim
Shorts - Primark
Trainers - H&M
Socks - Primark
Sunglasses - Ted Baker

Hope you all had a lovely day and enjoyed the sunshine if you had any.