Friday, 7 June 2013

Let's Take the Scenic Route...

Hey everyone!

On Wednesday I decided to go to the Highland Wildlife Park which is away up north near Aviemore. It was another lovely day and we got to see most of the animals.

The monkeys were my favourite. I was even shouting at them in Japanese to see if they understood me! ha ha!

Can you believe snow on the hills when it is June and hot outside.

The polar bear kept putting this bucket on its head.

Loved this bench.

Aww! Totally pegged out.

Aww! Cute!

Oops! Bit many pictures. We had a good day though until someone (me) decided to take the scenic route, which was probably a bad idea considering it takes 3 hours when going the fast way. So nearly 5 hours later and we finally got home, although it took another 15 minutes to get out the car as I was totally wedged in the seat. ha ha.

Hope you have all had a good week so far.


  1. Aww the animals <3 :D
    Those gray starry sneakers!!! I was about to buy exactly the same, but they were out of my size!! They were in some supermarket.. ;0 (I mean same ones unless yours are brand stuff and I was about to buy a copy :D)

    1. Nooo! These were out of the wee cheapie shoe shop in town and they were so cheap I had to buy 2 pairs...oh and 2 pairs of the same in white and silver. ha ha! :-)

  2. Awesome pics! Looks like a good day out, I'll need to check it out. 3 hours isn't bad, was that from Glasgow?

    Been talking about heading back to Blair Drummond, been a while since I was there. And was at Edinburgh Zoo before Christmas, the pandas really are worth seeing!!!!!

    1. Actually from Gourock, so it would be even less time from Glasgow. Was going to go to Blair Drummond the next day but was far too tired after all that driving.

      Not been to Edinburgh since the pandas arrived, always feel a bit let down when I go.

    2. Jings! You made good time then!!!!!

      That's a shame, I used to feel like that years back, but the older I get the more I enjoy it lol! Let's hope for baby pandas too!!!!

  3. That is one awesome bench! SO many animals! I've never been so close to a polar bear, was it scary?

    1. Not at all. It was hilarious because all it wanted was that bucket on its head. ha ha!

  4. urgh, monkeys are not my fave at all - well, perhaps the baby ones are cute... love the polar bear with his bucket :)

    1. Noooo! Monkeys are fun. :-) That bear was hilarious though!