Sunday, 2 June 2013

Happy Birthday Totoro!

Hey guys, how are you all? In case anybody doesn't know I am a big fan of the Studio Ghibli films and my absolute favourite is My Neighbour Totoro.

I even got the chance to go to the museum in Tokyo last year which was just a magical experience, even with all the rain, and I even got to see the special sequel "Mei and the Kittenbus" which was brilliant!

Well it's the 25th anniversary of Totoro this year, which is so hard to believe and I found out that certain cinemas in the UK were re-releasing the film for this event. There was only 1 cinema in Scotland that was showing it and that was in Edinburgh, so I decided to go as I just knew I wouldn't want to miss seeing this on the big screen. We got there just in the nick of time, it took us absolutely ages to find it as Edinburgh is a nightmare to drive in with diversions and one way systems everywhere. I actually thought we were going to miss it and was going to just go home but I'm so glad we never. It was amazing! Even better on the big screen, if that's possible and there was a wee group of Japanese girls in front of us with Duffy bear on their bags. Awesome! Is anyone else a fan of the Ghibli films? What's your favourite?

So here is what I wore:

Tshirt - Miss Selfridge
Cardigan - Ness
Skirt - H&M
Leggings - Tokyo Disneyland
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Tesco (which I got with 3 other pairs for a bargain price of £1 for all 4!)

Sorry not a great quality picture and I cropped my face as I was just having a yuk day.

This is a close up of the pins on my cardigan which I got from the Ghibli museum. How cute is Mei?

So I'm off work now for a weeks holiday and I really need it. Everything has been really stressful and I am super tired, so just chilling out and some day trips to places. I shall try and get pictures of what I get up to.


  1. Totoro is so cute :3 Ghibli films.. my fave gotta be Nausicaa! It's cool that you got to visit the museum.. and I love what you wore. Those lil badges are so cutesy :)

    1. Thanks Lara! Nausicaa is one of the few I haven't seen yet but its on my TV planner, ready and waiting. :-)

  2. Howl's Moving Castle is my fav Ghibli movie, I think it was the first one i watched! :3

    Wish I'd known about the Totoro showing in UK cinemas, would have been pretty cool to go~

    ♥ Little Owl Diary