Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Spiderweb Nails

So I got a wee bit stuck for an idea for a mani but I knew I wanted to use my new China Glaze silver glitter (3 for 2, thank you Sally's), so I got my Mum to choose a design off my new bundle monster plates (even though they are for my Christmas, thanks Mum).

 Oh and when I say 'new' bundle monster plates they are actually the original set because I jumped into the 2011 set, if that makes sense. So she asked if I would have a spiderweb on my nails, this is because I have a severe spider phobia which I won't go into just now, but fake spiderwebs are cool so that's what I chose.

I used my basecoat of OPI Original Nail Envy* and then decided that the China Glaze wouldn't do on it's own as I would need about 20 coats, so I had to find a good silver to go underneath. I ended up choosing Colorplay by Debby(?) in number 70 (no name, sorry), this isn't a brand I have ever heard of but found it when I was in Paris and they had some nice colours so I bought a few. It is a nice chrome, mirror finish silver but I found it when on kind of streaky/bumpy which isn't great but hey ho. Anyway 2 coats of this and then I done a coat of Seche Vite to see if I could cure the bumpiness but to no avail. Next, 2 coats of China Glaze Fairy Dust. Now this is the most sparkly, glittery, holo-esque polish in the bottle under the store lights but on my nails it's a big fat fail! :( I had so much expectation for this and under certain lights it's great but under others you can't even see it at all, so don't be expecting the glittery goodness in the pictures as it just isn't there. Another coat of Seche Vite in order for it to dry before stamping and then I stamped the spiderweb from bundle monster plate BM-13 and added a spider on my thumbs from the same plate, yes I really did say spider! Finished with another coat of Seche Vite, no wonder I get through this stuff so quickly!

At first I wasn't keen, the perfectionist in me hated the lumps and bumps and the fact the design isn't perfect but as my Mum pointed out not all spiderwebs are the same, so in actually fact it's another one that's grew on me.

Robyn x

Ps - more crappy pictures, as I'm still having technical issues.

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