Thursday, 18 October 2012

No7 Foundation Match

So I went and got my face matched with the new No7 Foundation* Match service, which I was initially a bit sceptical about.
You see I am absolutely rubbish with foundation
, picking the right one in the right colour. Over the years I have lost count the amount of foundations I have bought and hardly used because they have been so wrong for me. I am the palest of the pale with combination skin and needed help fast!

So I'd seen the adverts about this new service and read the reviews, which is when I thought I'd go for it as I'm sick of second guessing foundations.
Well I'm in LOVE! I can't believe I've finally found the right foundation for me! It's only taken about 15 years!

So I went in fresh faced, as they remove the makeup at your jawline anyway, and she tested the wee doofer (what a technical term!) at both sides of my jawline and the machine matched me with Calico, which I believe is one of the lightest shades. I couldn't believe it when it blended right into my skintone, she tried a bit at my jaw then asked if I would like to see it all over my face with some blusher so I can tell what it really looks like. So after asking some questions about my skin and what kind of finish I would like she suggested Stay Perfect* as it's a semi-matte which lasts about 16 hours. I thought I may as well take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer (not too mention I was getting double discount!) so I ended up getting the Stay Perfect Primer* and the Foundation Brush*, all 3 items for the bargain price of just around £14!
So I thought maybe it was the way the girl applied and me being a dunce would do it wrong but I totally haven't and I have been getting compliments all week. It's like me only better! Plus, I'm never using fingers or sponges to apply again, brushes ROCK!

Anyway, it's totally changed me (for the better) and I wish this service was available years ago as it would have saved me alot of time, money and humiliation.

Robyn x

PS - No pictures with this one as I don't think anyone needs to see my face that close up, plus I am having severe technical difficulties with numerous things right now.

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