Tuesday, 26 March 2013

We're Off To See The Wizard!

Hi guys, I went to see Oz: The Great and Powerful yesterday and I have to say it was OZ-some!

Sorry had to get that wee joke in there. I didn't know if I would like it as I absolutely love The Wizard of Oz but I just took it as a totally different situation. James Franco was great, as always and cute to boot! I thought the Wicked Witch of the West was absolutely terrifying, even worse than Margaret Hamilton if that's possible. I understood how she changed but she was just so evil. Go and see it if you haven't already! Oh and I loved all the nods to the original film.

Anyway, as I was going to see this I thought it was appropriate to do themed nails. Now I had originally tried to do gingham nails but my hands really aren't steady enough, plus Dorothy isn't in this so I changed them to this:

So the colour of the witch with a witch stamped on and the colour of the pumps in the MGM film, I was debating whether to do them silver or not.

Here's what I used:

No7 So Smooth Base Coat*
OPI Who the Shrek Are You?* (the perfect witchy green)
Wet n Wild Black Creme (for stamping)
China Glaze Ruby Pumps (from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection, totally appropriate)
Seche Vite
Plate HD04

I really like these. Plus I managed to scare my friend, she hates the witch. hee here.

I apologise for not doing as many nail posts recently, I have been doing my nails its just a nightmare trying to get good photos with this rubbish weather. I shall definitely try to do some more often.


  1. Gorgeous nail art! I'm rubbish at doing mine!

    It's supposed to be spring, the weather is getting me down! I'm sure this time last year we had a mini heatwave, ha! x

    1. Thank you!

      I knew we had gorgeous weather this time last year, I thought I had imagined it.

  2. These nails are sooo cute! They are oz-some! haha :)


  3. Ahh I love those nails!!! <3 Mine are in so horrible condition atm that I don't even wanna polish them ;P

    1. Thank you! That's rubbish about your nails. My nails have actually been stronger since painting them all the time, I think most people haven't seen my bare nails in well over 6 months. ha ha.

  4. Cool love to see that movie soon :)