Monday, 10 December 2012

Holly Nails - Major Fail!

Now I'm only posting this to show everyone that not all nail art turns out as expected, as this is one of those classed as nail fail!

Not a great picture I know but no amount of great photography would make this monstrosity look good.

Essie Base Coat*
Barry M Matte White
Models Own Jack Frost
Nails Inc Belgrave Mews
Nails Inc Milan - Diet Coke Special Edition
NYC Top Coat*

I kept messing up the stamping so instead of taking all the polish off just painted more coats on top which made it go all lumpy because of the glitter in the Models Own, which is a lovely glitter which I should have just left with no stamping. I shall have to swatch it another time as it really is lovely.

On top of this I couldn't find my Seche Vite, weird, so I had to just use a NYC fast dry top coat which smudged my berries and just wasn't anything like Seche Vite.

Finally, it's the next day and I've noticed the white now has a funny yellow tinge to it and has went all bubbly, so all in all not a good mani at all and I actually can't wait to take it off.

Robyn x

PS - excuse the chip on my thumb, I've been at work all day and have only just been able to capture it just now.


  1. Live and learn :)Don't you hate it when you've gone to so much effort! I like the holly image! I have nomiated you for a Liebster award HERE on my blog! :)

  2. Also for some reason your word verification panel doesn't show-up properly for me, not sure how it appears for everyone else... would you considered turning off the word verification and going to comment moderation instead? I only ask as I'd like to comment but it takes ages for me to do it!! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination, I shall have a look at it properly at the weekend when I have a wee bit more time.

    I have stopped the word verification, I didn't even realise it was there...I'm not very tech savvy.

    Thanks again. :) x