Thursday, 3 January 2013

Copycat Nails #1 - Rebecca Likes Nails / Nailed It

So I got up at 5.20am this morning, my day off!! The whole day has been spent in a total rut regarding my nails. I think I must have looked at every single nail art picture on Pinterest

 and Google and nothing was coming. I've had polish on and off all day and was at the end of my tether. Does this happen to anyone else? How do you get over your nail funk?

I eventually came across this at Rebecca Likes Nails which initially came from here at Nailed It and here is my version:

Now this totally didn't want to photograph, hence the crappy picture. Any tips on how to take pictures without getting shadow in the way?

Here is what I used:

No7 So Smooth Base Coat*
Scarlett and Crimson in Bat (pink)(?)
Scarlett and Crimson in Butterfly (purple)(?)
W7 Black(?)
Seche Vite

The Scarlett and Crimson polishes I got in a set for Christmas but they don't have any names, so instead I'm naming them after the charms that are on the lids.

Also, this is my very first tape mani! Now I know it's nothing exciting and it's about the most basic tape mani you can get but I'm just really glad it worked! Years ago I tried using tape when doing my nails but the tape would just rip the polish right off.

Anyway I think this may become a regular copycat series when I get totally uninspired, I shall try a mani I have seen elsewhere to see how it turns out.

Robyn x


  1. Wooo, well done for successful use of tape! The first time it works is really exciting!

  2. Yay! Glad it's not just me being a saddo! lol

  3. Happy New Year Robyn :) I love this and yes I certainly do get in a funk and have no nail-mojo flowing! All too often in our summer scorching heat at the moment too!
    I think it's a great idea to take inspiration from others, there's actually a MSMD (monkey see monkey do) thing where you re-create someone elses manicure.. it's done with the crumpets nail tarts on Facebook who also do a 31 day challenge.... looking forward to seeing more taped manis :)

  4. Happy New Year Loz! Thanks for the info, I shall definitely check these out!

  5. That's lovely Robyn. I try and take my photos in daylight (not easy at the moment) and I've got a really cheap light box set up for when it's not. Also, to process my photos I use gimp (it's free!) and auto white balance which brings the true colour back out.

  6. Thanks Claire! I shall look into both of those as I doubt we will be getting any sunshine before July. lol

  7. So cute! I really love this