Sunday, 14 April 2013

I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World

Hi guys, hope you are all well. Got a lot of goodies recently which I thought I would share with you. Starting with the new Barbie collection at Miss Selfridges.

Now Miss Selfridges has always done a Barbie range for the last few years now and as a big Barbie fan I always check it out. I'm not talking your modern day Barbie, who is clearly now a big skank. I'm talking Barbie from 50s through to the early 90s.

Barbie leggings - Miss Selfridges

Now I'm so pleased with these leggings because I missed the ones from the collection last year and was really disappointed. These ones have Barbie and Ken all over them wearing prom attire.

Barbie leggings - Miss Selfridges

Now of course I just couldn't choose between the 2 pairs, so I just had to have them both. These ones are Barbie on her own but more of a pop art feel to them.

Barbie tee - Miss Selfridges

This is the last Barbie item I got. Super cute. I shall warn you though that this is quite sheer and also runs big, I have a 10 but could probably get away with an 8, so bear this in mind when buying. I like things bigger so its fine.

Blue kitty jumper - Miss Selfridges

I saw this jumper ages ago and decided against buying it, but seen as I was getting the Barbie stuff anyway I thought why not. Pastels and kitty with a bow tie! Purrrrfect!

Everlast pastel hi-tops - Sports Direct

I loooove these! They are just everything I could ever want in a sneaker and the colours are perfect. 2 sets of laces though, anyone got any idea how to tie them? lol

Disney Princess Lip Smackers - Claire's

Oh my gosh! I love these. Disney princess and cruelty free lip balms. How get things get any better?
Rapunzel - Magical Glow Berry
Aurora - Spun Sugar Shine
Belle - Tea Party Treats
Tiana - Fresh Kiwi Pie (yum!)
Ariel - Calypso Berry
Cinderella - Vanilla Sparkle
Jasmine - Berry Magic
Snow White - Cherry Kiss

Minnie & Daisy Lip Smackers - Claire's

This is how it could get better! 2 of my favourite gals (of sorts) in a pack of lip balms. Love it!
Cotton Candy Crush
Grape Shimmy Shake
Vanilla Twirl
Very Bow Berry
Berry BFF
Watermelon Whirl
Cutie pie

Jonathan Aston lace shorts - Motel Rocks

I have been looking for lace shorts for a wee while, obviously they are completely sheer. You couldn't wear them on their own but they're really for wearing under things.

Dungaree shorts - Primark

I saw these in the window and just had to have them. I used to live in dungaree shorts when I was wee and thought those days were behind me, but lo and behold I was wrong.

Grey knee highs, lilac knee highs and lilac slouch socks - Primark

Pretty self explanatory. Bought these because its really hard to find knee highs that stop just under the knees and not over. I find the over ones dig into my thighs (probably because they're too big, my thighs not the socks) and I included a close up of the lilac socks as they have some blue and pink in there as well.

London shopper - Primark

This is such a cute shopper and a perfect size, I think I'll take it on my trip to London this summer. Don't you think its very like Cath Kidston? Of course at a fraction of the price.

London purse - Primark

Bought this to match the shopper. I must have matching purses and bags, I feel all backwards if I don't. Weird I know.

Pastel roses backpack - Claire's

I almost missed this whilst in Claire's looking for something else. It was on the highest hook possible and I had to do an awful lot of jumping up and down to get it off the hook. I love it. Good for holidays when I need a hands free bag.

Polka dot and leopard bows - Claire's

Saw these whilst at the till and had to have the polka dot ones, perfect for my Minnie outfit for Disneyland which I shall share with you another time. The girl then said they were 3 for 2 so picked the leopard one.

Yellow glitter heart ring - Claire's

Another impulse buy but I love a cute statement ring.

Phew! That's it for now. I told you I have a serious problem, I just can't stop buying. My name is Robyn and I'm a shopping addict. lol


  1. I clearly need to go to Miss Selfridge I didn't realise they had such cute stuff in stock! To be honest I wouldn't have been able to choose between the two pairs of barbie leggings either they're both gorge xx

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Georgie, so glad its not just me with no willpower. lol :-)

  2. OMG, I love just everything in this post but those Barbie leggings are the best thing ever! The pink ones are my fave! Too bad we don't have that shop over here :(
    I have been a barbie collector for 10 years or so and altho I don't have much more than 20 dolls, I have succeed to grab some of the old ones, including the ponytail-swimsuit-classic (not reproduction :)) and then there are some 80's dolls that survived from my childhood. I have decided to show them up in my blog every now and them :)
    I also want dungaree shorts, I thot I will cut my super old dungarees but they don't fit me any more :D
    xo, L

    1. I love seeing your dolls, takes me back to childhood. I probably love Barbie so much now as I only had one and one Sindy doll when I was wee because that was all we could afford. So making up for it now. lol

      I would love to see a pic of your diy shorts if you do them, I'm not very handy in that department.

  3. Wow i love this post and pics. *w*


  4. oooooh, love the 2nd Barbie legging!! Want!! >_<

  5. I'm so glad I came across your blog! It's so cute and I adore it so much ≧o≦

    1. Thanks Christina! I love your blog too. :-)

      I have had to follow you through bloglovin as I couldn't find where to follow you through Google Friend Connect.

  6. oh my gosh! I LOVE the Barbie tights! They are simply adorable. And all the pastel socks too!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. Thanks Laura! Got to love some pastels.

    I wish we had Selfridges over here. T__T

    1. I know, their Barbie stuff is to die for.

  8. oh no, i just can't belive that, these barbie leggings are TOO AMAZING to exist! vintage barbie is the best!

    [my blogspot weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

  9. Everything you got is so freaking cute!!! :D

  10. You must have a great eye for finding cute, pastel items! I love and want everything in this post! Too bad I would have to get on an airplane to get to a Primark and Selfridges T_T

    Awkward In Fashion

    1. Thanks Sara! So kind. I do love pastels and Primark is just the best! I don't know where I would shop without it. lol

  11. Love the Barbie tee.. and that you said she's now a skank! :) I'm not sure I could pull off any of those clothing choices.. looking forward to an OOTC with those leggings

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Loz! True though, Ken was better off without her. lol.

    2. I love these!! Everything is ssososososo cute!! I tagged you in a post, would you mind checking it out? It's a great way to get followers, and it's fun! :D I'd love if you did it :3


    3. Thanks so much! I shall tag it on the end of my original post. :-)