Friday, 3 May 2013

Pink Spider - You Don't Know the Pain of Endless Flight

Hey guys, I shall have to do a wee update post soon. Not that anything has really happened to me recently but I have been a bit absent of late.

In the meantime these are the nails I done yesterday. Now May 2nd is the anniversary of the death of hide and this year was the 15th. If you aren't aware Hideto Matsumoto (known as hide) was the super awesome brilliant guitarist for the best band ever X Japan. They are a J Rock band who basically started the visual kei movement and they are just amazing! He was nicknamed Pink Spider by Yoshiki because of his crazy pink hair and he was just a super talented, cutie pie. I really wish I had known X Japan back before he died, which was far too sudden and far too soon, but then again maybe I don't because it was heartbreaking enough when I found out he had died. I still can't listen to Forever Young because all I can think of is the other guys performing it at his funeral. :(

Anyway, here are the nails:

Here's what I used:

No7 So Smooth Base Coat*
Technic Vintage (pale pink)
China Glaze Purple Panic (pink spider)
Wet n Wild Black Creme
Seche Vite
plate HD01

These nails wouldn't really photograph (not to mention I have a new camera and am rubbish with it) so this is all I have I'm afraid.

Some pictures of hide because he's just so cute!

I love him!

Oh my gosh! I so wish I had been there. hide's wee face when Toshi is singing! *dies* Okay, crying again.
Best band ever! Love you hide! Please check them out if you don't already know them.


  1. I have never heard of them, or him.. and will be honest I thought it was a girl in those photos :P
    love the nails :)

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Loz! That's what I love about J-rock, guessing whether they're boys or girls. lol. There's guys even more feminine looking than that. lol.

  2. I've never heard of this band either. But as always veryyyy cute <3

    (I changed my name :P)

  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award :)

    1. Thanks Haleigh! I will tag it onto my other post when I'm done. :-)

  4. I'm a fan of hide. *w* And your nails are amazing.

    xo, Shiki


    1. Thanks! I don't know anyone else who's a fan. :-)

  5. Ahhh I *love* those nails!!! Super cool! If I had any talent with nail art I would do that.. maybe I will try anyway :).

    My hubby and I are fans of X-Japan, we got small plush toys looking like Hide from an UFO catcher in Japan, it was his death anniversary. Cute little plush toys for someone's death anniversary sound sure a lil bit macabre but the toys are really cute loool :D. I should take a pic so you can see them :)

    My hubby is named Hide btw. Hideki by real name D: !

    x, Lara

    1. I love those hide plushies, so awesome! I didn't know anyone else who is a fan. I love that your hubby is called hide! :-)

  6. Hi, same for me. I knew this band on around December 2012 and it does break my heart to know that hide has died.. First time I saw him was on youtube on a video somewhat called "10 highly underrated guitarists" and he was on number 10 from the countdown. I thought this person was a girl but I looked around for some info and found out he's a man, for me he's very cool and yeah he's cute but I just love the way he plays solo for X's songs and yeah, he's my favourite guitarist now.. We are X !

    1. Just before me then, its so good that people are still discovering their music after all this time. I absolutely love his solos, nobody like him at all.

      WE ARE X!!!